Sunday, 7 November 2010

A visitor to Haul Y Bryn

Last year we sadly said goodbye to our original Wiltshire Horn ewes (poetically named for their ear tag numbers, No 1 and No 2), and their daughters, No 3 and No 4.... The daughters were Wiltshire Horn X Hampshire Down and they didn't suit the hilly area we 'farm' so i'm afraid they had to go.

To replace them all we approached a respected local breeder of Wiltshire Horn, Jim Stone, and purchased 3 ewe lambs from him. As a parting shot he offered to let us borrow a Wiltshire Horn ram when tupping time came around....

Looks like love at first sight for 'Spotty Nose', right.

We took Jim up on his offer and today went along to his farm to collect the majestically named Mayhill Grenadier, registered as he is with the breed society. He's a fine boy as you can see, 18 months old and ready to play his part.

Each day over the next few weeks we'll go and check which ewes have been covered, then work out roughly when they'll be due. And so the cycle begins again.

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